The Twenty-First Century

Bridesmaids [2011]

Let’s face it: guys would do anything to avoid movies like “Bridesmaids”. You know it, I know it. But I got news for you: this raunchy, silly comedy written by Kirsten Wiig and Annie Mumolo is about a group of women who are as f***ed up as the dudes from “The Hangover”. Call it the chick flick version of the 2009 hit comedy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, at least for a while, as we follow Annie, chosen maid of honor (or dishonor) at the wedding of her childhood friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph in fine form). She’s jealous of Lillian’s prettier, richer friend Helen. Let the games begin. The other bridesmaids, Rita, Megan and Becca are caught in the action. Now don’t tell me f***ed up isn’t a word, because it is now. And all the women involved in this film are rather funny. Guys don’t get much screen time. Still, John Hamm steals the show as a man whore, and Chris O’Down (who?) is fun to watch as an Irish cop who digs our maid of honor. Yet one of the few times “Bridesmaids” is tough to watch is when it tries so hard to play up some of the jokes from “The Hangover”. We all know guys and puke are a better fit. Ask Zack Galifianakis and Mr. Chow. Who wants to see a bunch of women puking all over each other and shitting their pants (that’s right I said “shit”)? Not me. And believe me, these scenes are horrific. Fast forward a couple of minutes, and we’re back on track; a hilarious scene in which Annie goes wild and crazy on an airplane. I don’t even want to describe what happens here. Suffice to say that I laughed my ass off watching these women ruin their friend’s wedding preparations. So what if you hate yourself for being so damn cruel? Oh and did I mention that this movie was produced by Judd Apatow? (“Knocked Up”, “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Superbad”-enough said).

Rating: 2.5/4

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  1. Yes, the movie was kinda ridiculous, but to be honest, it had some good scenes! that imitating scene in the car made me laugh my head off! Kristin was great!

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