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The Marx Brothers and co

The Black Cat [1934] ★★★

 One of my favorite Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff horror movies. In the 1930’s, Universal was the ultimate home of horror, and “The Black Cat” finally brought together the studio’s two great horror stars, Boris Karloff aka The Frankenstein monster, and Bela Lugosi aka Count Dracula, for the first of seven […]

Sons Of The Desert [1933]

Laurel and Hardy’s best movie; the boys find themselves in hot water when they scheme to get away from their wives and attend a lodge convention in Chicago. After persuading the wives that Ollie needs to sail to Honolulu for his health, they’re finally free to go to […]

The Flying Deuces [1939]

Viewing “The Flying Deuces” after so many years was a great reminder of how brilliant Laurel and Hardy were. In true L & H tradition, slapsticks and chase scenes are the main attraction here, along with Ollie telling Stanley the familiar phrase: “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve […]

Freaks [1932]

Horror film master Tod Browning (who also directed “Dracula”) gathered an incredible cast of real life sideshow freaks for this bizarre, yet fascinating movie about a beautiful trapeze artist who agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, unaware that his deformed friends had discovered that she is only […]

Bride Of Frankenstein [1935]

Not only does this sequel equals the brilliance of the first “Frankenstein” movie, but it surpasses it in every way possible. Universal Studios had to wait nearly four years before James Whale accepted the offer to direct this follow up to the 1931 box office hit, but it […]

Dracula [1931]

“The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him”. This version of Dracula might look a bit dated now due to a lack of musical score, but it’s a movie that inspired generations of filmmakers and that’s why it shouldn’t be dismissed. The story is […]