Category: Spain

Death Of A Cyclist [1955] ★★★½

Today’s classic film recommendation is Juan Antonio Bardem’s masterful “Death of a Cyclist”, released in the mid 1950’s under the Franco regime. It’s clear that Bardem’s aim was to criticize the huge gap between the poor and the rich, which explains why the movie was censored and Bardem […]

The Hidden Face [2012] ★★★

If you feel like watching something completely different from the Hollywood Formula, I encourage you to check the Spanish movie “The Hidden Face”. If you’re curious about the title, or the movie itself, I’d tell you to skip the trailer and let the film unfold its constantly surprising story […]

The Skin I Live In [2011]

Pedro Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In”  is a twisted take on “Frankenstein” with a sexual angle. There’s the mad doctor, played by Antonio Banderas in one of his most chilling roles. Then there’s the victim, a suicidal patient whom we only see at first in a head […]

The Orphanage [2007]

Chilling movie about a woman who moves into the orphanage she used to live in when she was a child and turns it into a home for disabled children. Before long, her son befriends an invisible child and strange events begin to occur. “The orphanage” is not your […]