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The Flying Deuces [1939]

Viewing “The Flying Deuces” after so many years was a great reminder of how brilliant Laurel and Hardy were. In true L & H tradition, slapsticks and chase scenes are the main attraction here, along with Ollie telling Stanley the familiar phrase: “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” If you grew up watching these two, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this movie. The premise is straightforward enough: Trying to forget a woman who turned him down in France, Ollie decides to drown himself and convinces Stan that he must do the same. The boys meet an officer of the Foreign Legion who convinces them that they should join the Legion to help forget. Of course you know that these two misfits will never be able to adapt to life in the military, with its strict code and constant marching. All this will eventually lead to many funny moments, especially the stunt flying sequence and one unforgettable ending, which in my opinion wrapped things up brilliantly.

While not quite as spectacular or funny as some of their earlier comedies, but better than the ones they made during their declining years at 20th Century Fox (1941-1945), “The Flying Deuces” is still considered a classic; it has many genuinely wonderful moments well worth viewing, whether you’re familiar with the duo or not. If only their later films were as fresh and original as this one (with the exception of “A-Haunting We Will Go”, which remains one my favorites).

Rating: 3/4

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