Spy [2015] ★★★

 spy2015-2As far as spoof movies go, “Spy” is one of the funniest I’ve seen in years. It’s also a perfect vehicle for Melissa McCarthy, who gives it her very best and succeeds with flying colors. And yet I have to admit: I feared that we might have seen all the funniest bits in the trailer; fortunately, I was wrong. The trailer only offers a glimpse of what Melissa McCarthy and (surprisingly) Jason Statham have to offer in this rowdy, raunchy comedy. McCarthy plays a CIA agent who works behind a desk, using cutting-edge technology to assist a charming James Bond-like operative (Jude Law) in his missions. Although she’s never worked in the field, her boss (Allison Janney) agrees to send her on a very dangerous assignment overseas, because she’s the only qualified person whose face is unknown to our enemies. This will eventually piss off a lot of people, including her fellow agent Statham. I will not reveal more. But I will say that the movie has a natural, spontaneous feel that’s right in line with director Paul Feig’s previous films (“The Heat” and “Bridesmaids“). And just like his previous movies, this one also nears the two-hour mark—but I didn’t feel it, because the screenplay kept coming up with twists and turns and never ran out of funny dialogue. Now that’s something worth cheering for, especially at this point in the movie season.

Rating: 3/4

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