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The Belko Experiment [2017] ★★

 It’s gory as hell, but the idea at the core of “The Belko Experiment” got my attention: a group of 80 Americans are locked in their offices in Bogota, Colombia and ordered by an unknown voice to kill 30 people in two hours. What happens if they don’t? They all […]

Before I Fall [2017] ★★

 In this teen flick based on Lauren Oliver’s bestselling book, Zoey Deutch plays a young woman who wakes up every morning to discover that she is reliving Groundhog Day all over again. I’m kidding, of course, but no one can deny the similarities between the two films, which is why […]

Monster Trucks [2016] ★★

 First the good news: this is better than any “Transformers” sequels, for the simple fact that the characters in it actually have words to say. But that’s not saying much is it? Shot in 2014 and originally scheduled for a 2015 release, Paramount pictures later on decided to […]

Passengers [2016] ★★

 Picture this: you’re in hibernation mode, on your way to a distant planet where you’ll be starting a new life. The journey takes 120 years to reach its destination but somehow a glitch in the system occurs and you’re forced to wake up 90 years early. You’re all […]

Shut In [2016] ★★

 Tagline says “a heart pounding thriller” but all I saw was a thriller made by people who have never seen a real thriller before. Naomi Watts plays a widowed child psychologist who lives with her bedridden son. When one of the boys she’s treating goes missing one night, she […]

American Pastoral [2016] ★★

 Ewan McGregor’s directorial debut is a disappointing take on Phillip Roth’s Pulitzer-winning 1997 novel about a family man (McGregor) who finds his life spiralling out of control when his 16 year old daughter (Dakota Fanning) rebels by committing a terrorist act during the Vietnam War. On paper, you […]

Deepwater Horizon [2016] ★★

 It’s the worst oil spill in American history. April 20, 2010, 35 miles off the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico, a deepwater drilling rig explodes, killing 11 people and injuring many others. Director Peter Berg depicts the events leading up to the explosion, and I gotta tell […]