Hot Pursuit [2015] ★★

screen_shot_2015-03-12_at_10.02.47_am_largeSofia Vergara (“Modern Family”) can be funny. Reese Witherspoon is a great actress who can play comedy or drama equally well (see “Walk The Line”). They both deserve a better vehicle than this mildly funny, forgettable comedy that shamelessly rips off every road movie ever made. Witherspoon plays Cooper, a by-the-book San Antonio cop assigned to escort Daniella (Vergara), a drug dealer’s wife, to Dallas so she can testify against the Cartel. Can you guess what happens in between? Even if you’ve never seen a comedy before, I don’t think “Hot Pursuit” has many surprises to offer. Director Anne Fletcher (who did a better job with “The Proposal” starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds), treats her material with confidence, but it’s unworthy. The movie’s only real value is the showcase it provides to its two leading ladies, but I just wish the material wasn’t so obvious and shopworn. I’m sure some people will find “Hot Pursuit” hilarious and satisfying (some were laughing out loud at the screening I attended). I didn’t.

Rating: 2/4


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