Beyond The Reach [2015] ★★

beyondthereach-1b You can’t blame Michael Douglas for trying. At 70, he looks ripped and ready, playing Madec, a billionaire businessman who loves hunting. Then there’s Jeremy Irvine, who plays Ben, a local guide who takes him to the Mojave Desert. Things get messy when Madec accidentally shoots a local man and Ben wants to abide by the law. But Madec has other plans and Ben soon finds himself running around the desert, trying to save himself from this madman. That’s a setup for a killer cat and mouse game. On paper. Unfortunately, “Beyond The Reach” soon degenerates into a series of lousy clichés that bored me to death. Too bad. Director Jean-Bapstiste Leonetti had me going there for a while, effectively keeping me on the edge of my seat until he killed my patience. Talk about a buzzkill. Douglas deserves more. So do we. 

Rating: 2/4

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