The Water Diviner [2014] ★★

The-Water-Diviner-posterA lot of people were full of praise when “The Water Diviner” was released back in December. I wasn’t. If looks were everything, Russel Crowe’s epic directorial debut would have been the movie of the year. But a corny script bloated with shameless sentimentality can wear you down. Crowe pushes way too hard (and it shows) as farmer Joshua Connor, who leaves Australia in search of his three sons, four years after the battle of Gallipoli. His plan is to find their remains and bring them home. Crowe, who said that the key to directing a film is “being scared”, cannot compose an ugly shot. But beautiful scenery and the best intentions can’t save “The Water Diviner” from turning into a forgettable cheesefest.

Rating: 2/4

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