Onward [2020] ★★★

The folks at Disney/Pixar have done it again. As soon as their latest film opened, I felt at home. You could tell that a lot of effort has been put to bring this story to life, with clever staging, hilarious moments and spectacular action scenes. So what is “Onward” about? It’s basically several things at once. But at heart, it’s about a quest. Two brothers (brilliantly voiced by Chris Pratt and Tom Holland) embark on a grand and glorious adventure in order to spend one last day with their father, who died when they were very young. The screenplay is lively and funny, the kind we’ve come to expect from Pixar, but it also has heart, especially when it matters most. As someone who loves puzzles and quests, I had a blast watching the story unfold (spotting references to other films is always part of the fun as well). Compared with “Coco”, “Inside Out” and “Up”, “Onward” doesn’t break a lot of new grounds, but the magic is there, and I know that kids and adults alike will have a great time with it.

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