Serenity [2019] ★

Behold. This preposterous thriller starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway is the year’s worst movie so far. I say that with disappointment because it had potential. And I admit: it had me going for a few minutes, up until a ridiculous turn of events that made no sense whatsoever. Let me start from the beginning: McConaughey plays a fishing boat captain who is obsessed with catching a big fish. Then the “mysterious” Hathaway shows up one night and asks him to get rid of her abusive husband (Jason Clarke) in exchange for a huge sum of money. Still with me? Good, because from that moment on, you’d think the movie will take you places you don’t see coming. And indeed it does, except these places make no fucking sense. None. From the preposterous twist to the hilariously bad ending, “Serenity” fails on every conceivable level. But it’s difficult to talk more about it without revealing the twist that truly made me hate it. Suffices to say that it isn’t as clever as the people behind this movie think it is. In fact, it sucks. I’ll say no more, except to say that this is easily McConaughey and Hathaway’s worst film of their career and my number one contender for worst thriller of the year. It’s that awful.

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