A Simple Favor [2018] ★★

“Weird” doesn’t even begin to describe “A Simple Favor”. When I first saw the trailer over a month ago, I was instantly hooked. I guess you could describe it as a mix between “Gone Girl” and a Hitchcock movie. That was my first reaction at least. But nothing could have prepared me for one of the weirdest rides of the year, a ride that, unfortunately, leads nowhere. The film does promise an array of unusual characters and delivers, starting with Blake Lively as a mom who “vanishes” one day. Her “friend”, played by Anna Kendrick, wants answers, but not without consequences. All this sounds like an intriguing thriller, but knowing director Paul Feig, the story never truly feels serious. Personally, I couldn’t find anyone in this movie worth rooting for. I know that nothing is meant to be taken seriously, but when you don’t care much about the story and its characters, nothing else truly matters anymore. Lively is good, but her character is extremely unlikable. And just wait until the movie tries to give you all the answers: your head will spin in confusion, and not in a good way. Feig gets the best from his actors but he’s been defeated by a story that is dreary and that makes no sense whatsoever.

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