Logan Lucky [2017] ★★½

Critics have been praising director Steven Soderbergh’s comeback movie (he retired 4 years ago after “Side Effects”), and there’s no denying that he’s still got it, even though I didn’t fully embrace the overall result. On the plus side, “Logan Lucky” has a well-cast ensemble and gives us Daniel Craig like we’ve never seen him before. Channing Tatum and the always likable Adam Driver play two brothers who decide to pull-off a heist during the Coca-Cola 600 (that’s a NASCAR race, just in case) with the help of Craig and his not-so-bright brothers. Craig has a ball playing the hilarious Joe Bang; this is as far from James Bond as an actor can get, and he seizes the moment, turning a familiar dialogue into something fresh. Just the idea of this all-star cast teaming-up with Soderbergh for his comeback movie sets off shivers of anticipation. So it’s kind of disappointing that the film doesn’t live up to its promise. Despite a hugely entertaining third act, there’s nothing truly spectacular about this predictable heist film. Soderbergh does succeed in evoking giggles out of silly moments (mostly involving Craig, who steals every scene he appears in), but the movie never rises above the routine.

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