The Twenty-First Century

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull [2008]

Old fashioned Indiana Jones adventure (also his first since 1989) set in 1957 has our hero called back into action when he becomes involved in a russian plot to uncover the secret behind the mysterious crystal skulls. Along the way, he finds himself reunited with his first love (Karen Allen from “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”) and a son he never knew existed (Shia LaBeouf). A long, but incredibly entertaining film is also a reminder of why the first 3 movies were such a hit in the first place. Harrison Ford has never been better, as he reprises the role that made him a huge celebrity in the early 80’s. Cate Blanchett is equally good in a one of a kind role as a russian agent (she totally nailed that accent). First rate action scenes and special effects make this an unforgettable experience. Great fun!

  Rating: 3/4

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