The Twenty-First Century

Tron [1982]

Disappointing Disney movie about a computer hacker (Jeff Bridges) who is abducted into a computer world, where his only way of survival is to compete in a video game competition. With the help of a security program called Tron, he decides to escape. A good premise, but the story runs out of gas only halfway through, and never succeeds in being more than just an average movie. Jeff Bridges is in fine form, and he literally saves it from being a complete waste of time. First rate sets and special effects can’t make up for a weak script. Oddly enough, a sequel was planned and is set for a december 2010 release (called “Tron: Legacy”).

Fun fact: “Although the film was an initial failure, the arcade videogame based on it proved to be a tremendous hit and actually out-grossed the film.”

Rating: 2/4

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