North By Northwest [1959] ★★★★

“I didn’t realize you were an art collector.I thought you just collected corpses”.

Many consider “North By Northwest” as the best Hitchcock movie ever made. It might not be my favorite (mine would be “Rear Window”), but it’s certainly one of his finest. Hitchcock had worked on a similar plot so many times before (the first title that comes to mind is  “The 39 steps”), but the formula has improved over the years, and “North By Northwest” is proof of that. It’s one of his most elegant pictures, with an incredible cast that includes Cary Grant (who’s worked 3 times before with Hitch), Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, and a very young Martin Landau. The Mount Rushmore finale is one of the most famous scenes in cinema history, but the whole movie is a perfect example of why Hitchcock could manipulate his audience using familiar stories. See for yourself.


Rating: 4/4

Categories: 4/4, crime, MUST-SEES, The 50's

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