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I watch bad movies so you can save your money

Cruella [2021] ★★★

I didn’t think I’d care for an origin story about Cruella, one of Disney’s most infamous villains. But she’s the protagonist of her own story here, and it’s easy to root for her right from the start, thanks to a colorful and committed performance by Emma Stone. The […]

Oxygen [2021] ★★½

If you’re familiar with movies like “Buried” (starring Ryan Reynolds) and the superior “127 Hours” (starring James Franco), then you probably know what to expect from Netflix’s latest french Sci-Fi thriller “Oxygen”. Melanie Laurent commands the screen as a woman who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with […]

Netflix Movies Worth Streaming

The Boys in the Band [2020] This hidden gem from Netflix is based on a Pulitzer prize-winning play from the 1960’s that still resonates even in 2020. I do suspect that no screen adaptation can do any stage play justice, but with a cast that features Jim Parsons, […]