Series I’ve Been Streaming

1- The Bold Type

This light comedy starring three millennials working at a global women’s magazine has found its way on Netflix, and yes, it is worth your time and effort. I was reluctant to stream it at first, but now that I’ve seen the first two seasons, I can safely recommend it. Aside from being thoroughly entertaining, “The Bold Type” tackles issues that couldn’t be more relevant in this day and age. Major plus: the three leading ladies are likable enough and give us rooting interest from the word go. Do check it out.

2- Who Killed Sara?

If you love a good old-fashioned revenge story, the Mexican series “Who Killed Sara? more than fits the bill. As with many recent Netflix series, I didn’t read much about it before hitting that play button. Surprise: the pilot hooked me and I found myself invested in the story and its characters. I’m not sure how it will all unfold later on, but so far, I’m enjoying whatever this series has to offer.

3- The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Marvel’s “Wanda Vision” was a huge success, and deservedly, so. But now it’s time to recommend another Marvel series that promises to deliver plenty of surprises. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” takes place only months after the events of “Avengers: Endgame”, and features Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, who have to deal with life after Captain America. Only one episode has been released so far, but it was intriguing enough for me to recommend it. Unlike “Wanda Vision”, I expect plenty of action packed episodes here, and a lot of cameos too. Bring on more episodes!

4- Dawson’s Creek

This classic coming-of-age series was a huge success in the 90’s and early 2000’s, but weirdly enough, I had never seen it until now (all 6 seasons are on Netflix). Sure, it’s a product of its time, and the dialogue can be corny at times. Know what? It doesn’t matter. If you grew up with series like “One Tree Hill” and “The O.C”, then “Dawson’s Creek” should be next on your list. Aside from being light and enjoyable, this is the series that launched the careers of Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams. And they all seem to be having a great time here!

More series worth streaming: “Behind her Eyes”, “Formula 1: Drive to Survive”, “The One”, “The Crew”, “The Ranch”, “Dickinson”.

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