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The Worst Movies Of 2020

10- Dangerous Lies  “Generic” doesn’t even begin to describe “Dangerous Lies”, Netflix’s lazy thriller that was clearly made by people who have never seen a thriller before. This film oozes 90’s B-movies, and that’s not necessarily a good thing in this case. Camilla Mendes (a Netflix regular) plays […]

Worst movies of 2018

  T’is the season. Every year I prepare a list of the worst films of the year that I’ve seen. But I’ve decided to do things a bit differently this time. I added some Netflix films that deserve recognition for being the worst of the worst, as well […]

The Worst Movies of the Year [2014]

There’s enough plot here for a half hour TV show, and yet director Stiles White plods along endless clichés that get sillier and sillier as we move along. Full review.  Watching “Age Of Extinction” makes you die a little inside. Is this the future of movies? God help us! Michael Bay, you’ve done […]

The Worst Movies of the Year [2013]

Ridley Scott does a fine job with”Prometheus” and decides to follow it up with this horrible mess. “The Counselor” is easily one of the most disappointing movies of the year. And that’s coming from a huge Ridley Scott fan. Click for full review. “Paranoia” wins the award for stupidest thriller I’ve […]