The Worst Movies of the Year [2011]

The year is almost over, so it’s time for me to toss the worst movies of the past 12 months into the Scum Bucket, the disgusting place for Hollywood’s stupidest junk. So without further ado, here’s my list of 10 bad movies you must avoid at all costs! Congratulations to all the winners!

10- Battle: Los Angeles

What do you say about a film that had a decent budget and A list actors, but still turned out to be an indescribable, horrific mess and an insult to our intelligence? In short: Be ready to puke, big time.Click for full review.

9- The Ward

A film that suffers from a bad case of “been there, done that”. John Carpenter’s worst movie and one of the worst of the year. Beware! Full review.

8- Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son

The film’s sole joke was explored to its fullest in the first movie back in 2000. Nobody asked for a sequel, but we got one anyway. It was a flop at the box office, but that didn’t stop the studio from financing yet another sequel. This time around, even Lawrence himself seems confused to what he’s doing back in the role (yikes!). Full review:

7- Red Riding Hood

A lame horror movie from Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke about a wolf who claims a sacrificial victim whenever the moon rises. I stuck with it till the bitter end, but I’m not proud of that achievement. What a stinker! Full review.

6- The Roommate

Danish director Christian E. Christiansen has no flair for suspense. His film has no plot, no character development, no nothing. ”The Roommate” even fails to be the pointless horror flick that you watch just for the fun of it. Click for full review.

5- Green Lantern

I left “Green Lantern” feeling dazed and insulted, wondering how bad things happened to one of the most anticipated movies of the year. A huge letdown. Thumbs down Ryan Reynolds. Click for full review.

4- Priest

I hated “Priest”. Hated, hated, hated it. Hated every single audience insulting moment of it. Hated Director Scott Stewart and his stupid belief that anyone would be entertained by it. Oh and did I mention how much I hated this film? Full review here.

3- Beastly

A lame adaptation of Alex Flinn’s novel that flatters itself by pretending to be a modern day update of the beloved “The Beauty and the Beast”. You wish. Read the full review here.

2- The Human Centipede 2

The image says it all. This isn’t a film. This is worse than torture porn, and the people involved in it should never be allowed to make movies again.  If this is what qualifies as “horror” these days, then God help us, we’re fucked. Full review.

1- Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Longer and louder than its predecessors, “Dark Of The Moon” lacks imagination, freshness, and a reason to exist. Ultimately, it is almost as bad as every other Michael Bay film. If this is what qualifies as entertainment these days, then I want no part of it. My number one contender for worst movie of the decade. Full review.

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