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Netflix Movies Worth Streaming

The Boys in the Band [2020] This hidden gem from Netflix is based on a Pulitzer prize-winning play from the 1960’s that still resonates even in 2020. I do suspect that no screen adaptation can do any stage play justice, but with a cast that features Jim Parsons, […]

My Favorite Movies Of 2020

10- Pieces of a Woman “Pieces of a Woman” is a movie that is difficult to review, and, at times, difficult to watch. But if anyone will remember it, it would be for its long opening sequence of a woman giving birth. It’s an incredible scene, fiercely acted […]

The Stay at Home List [2021]

Welcome to the ultimate list of things to watch on Netflix (and other streaming platforms) during the lockdown. There’s a bit of something for everyone here, and the comment section is yours to recommend more stuff. Stay home. Stay safe. And more importantly, happy streaming! Click on the […]