Christmas Stuff To Watch On Netflix

T’is the season. Every couple of years I find myself updating my list of “ultimate Christmas movies to see”. This year, however, I’m recommending stuff that you can strictly find on Netflix. What are some of your favorites?


1- The Holiday Movies That Made Us [2020]

If you’re familiar with “The Movies That Made Us” series on Netflix, then you probably know what to expect here. The bad news is that only 2 episodes have been released. The good news is that both movies discussed are classics. I’m talking about “Elf” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. In true “Movies That Made Us” fashion, this series tackles the thought process that went into making these holiday favorites, as well as the obstacles along the way. It’s fascinating, to say the least, making this series a perfect companion to two of the most enjoyable Christmas movies of all time. Bonus: you can find the “Home Alone” episode in the “Movies That Made Us” series that was released last year.



2- Dash & Lily [2020]

I’m just as surprised as you are, but I found this Netflix series to be just as charming as its cast. First off, it has an intriguing story to tell: two strangers trade dares via a notebook they pass back and forth at different locations all across Christmassy New York City. The locations, along with a good cast make this the perfect series to binge around Christmas.






3- A Very Murray Christmas [2015]

I stumbled upon this one hour Christmas special only recently, but I’m glad I did. Basically, if you want to see Bill Murray sing Christmas songs and crack some jokes with a few celebrities (including Chris Rock, Rashida Jones and Georges Clooney), then this one’s for you. It’s not innovative in any way, but it’s fun and cozy, making it (almost) a perfect Holiday special to stream with the family.





4- The Grinch [2018]

I’ve been around long enough to remember seeing the 1966 classic short “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” on TV and in “Home Alone 2” in the 90’s. And I still have fond memories of Christmas 2000, when my mom took me and my brother to see the live action version starring Jim Carrey (which you can also stream on Netflix). The worst thing I can say about this latest animated version is that it doesn’t add anything “new” to the table. If you’re familiar with the older versions or Dr. Seuss’ classic book, then you probably know what to expect here. Benedict Cumberbatch assumes the role of the Grinch this time around, the green creature who hates Christmas so much. The plot thickens on Christmas eve, when Mr. Grinch decides to ruin it for everyone. It has always been a fun premise, and it’s always good to revisit this story every Christmas season, making this version of “The Grinch” a solid feature for the whole family.



5- Merry Happy Whatever [2019]

It’s a corny sitcom set around the Holidays. Dennis Quaid plays a family man who finds himself dealing with the usual Holiday stress when his daughters return home for Christmas. You don’t stream a Christmas series like this one expecting a miracle. But it’s light and thoroughly entertaining. What more can you ask for?





More stuff to watch: Holiday Secrets, Love Actually, Elf, The Christmas Chronicles, The Polar Express, Arthur Christmas, Jack Frost, The Holiday.

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