The Twenty-First Century

Stuff I’ve been Enjoying During The Lockdown

1- Manhunt: Unabomber [2017]

Took me me a while to see this, but I’m glad I did. This tense, extremely well-acted series will keep you pinned to your seats for 8 episodes. Sam Worthington plays an FBI profiler who joins the “Unabom” team to track down the infamous terrorist Ted Kaczynski, who mailed explosive packages to several innocent people over the years. It’s an incredible task, and you’re right there with them through every obstacle. I say this with full confidence: this is one of the best things you’ll stream on Netflix during this lockdown.




2- Cuba And The Cameraman [2017]

If you love documentaries, look no further than “Cuba and the Cameraman”. Filmmaker Jon Albert has been visiting Cuba for over 40 years, and he has managed to film his experience during each visit. Albert’s focus is mainly on three struggling working class families, as well as his multiple meetings with controversial leader Fidel Castro. It’s an incredible feat, and watching life unfold before your eyes is something only documentaries can manage to achieve. I watched this with no expectations whatsoever, and left with nothing but deep admiration for Cuba and its working class. It’s one of the finest documentaries on Netflix.




3- Wanda Vision [2021]

Marvel’s “Wanda Vision” is further proof that their MCU universe is alive and well. As you may have guessed, the series focuses on Wanda (played by Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), two super-powered beings who move into their suburban homes and try to blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. Two episodes have been released so far, and they’re delightful from start to finish. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.





4- News Of The World [2020]

If you want to see Tom Hanks play a civil war veteran, then this is your chance. Hanks is incredible as always, playing a man who travels from town to town to read the news for the people. His journey truly kicks in when he agrees to deliver a young girl to her aunt and uncle, against her will. Sounds like a straightforward journey at first, except it’s not. With terrific acting and a truly emotional climax, “News of the World” kept me intrigued at every turn. Paul Greengrass isn’t a director known for his western films, but he has managed to deliver a movie worthy of every award nomination coming its way. It’s a beautiful film from start to finish.




5- Jeopardy!

The quiz show to end all quiz shows. I’ve been enjoying “Jeopardy!” for a while now, and every now and then, Netflix releases new episodes. It’s a shame that Alex Trebek isn’t around anymore (he sadly passed away in November at 80), but his legacy lives on through all these entertaining (and educational) episodes. If you’ve never seen “Jeopardy!”, then I urge you to seek it out. It will keep you entertained for a really long time during this lockdown.

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