Category: 1.5/4


Criminal [2016] ★½

 Can a movie feature an all star cast and still fail miserably? Yes it can. Exhibit A: “Criminal”, a criminally bad action thriller that flatters itself by claiming to be original. It wishes. Ryan Reynolds plays a CIA agent who gets killed off 10 minutes into the movie […]

The Boss [2016] ★½

 Pairing likable actress Kristen Bell (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) and the funny Melissa McCarthy (who was hilarious in last year’s “Spy”) as the title character in “The Boss” would seem like a perfect setup for yet another instant hit. Right? Wrong. The result is a painfully unfunny film and […]

London Has Fallen [2016] ★½

 Instead of “Prepare for bloody hell”, tagline should read “You paid money to see the same movie…twice”. I’m not kidding. “London Has Fallen”, the sequel to 2013’s “Olympus Has Fallen“, is exactly the same plot, except it’s set in London. Talk about being original! Just to be clear […]

Kings Of Egypt [2016] ★½

 “Please make it stop!” I kept shouting at the screen as I suffered through this endless CGI-driven crap-fest starring Gerard Butler as a merciless God who is ruling the once peaceful Egypt with an iron fist. Now it’s up to a mortal hero (Brendon Thwaites, clueless) to team […]

Zoolander 2 [2016] ★½

 Somebody owes me an explanation. I left “Zoolander 2” wondering how bad things happened to two of my favorite comedians, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. What the hell happened dudes? You guys were funny in the first “Zoolander” movie back in 2001, and I still have fond memories […]

The Choice [2016] ★½

This terrible tearjerker from the king of cheese himself Nicholas Sparks could well be his worst ever. You know who Sparks is, the guy who writes bestselling romance that become awful movies, such as “Dear John”, “The Last Song” and “Safe Haven”. The newest Sparks is “The Choice”, about two […]