The Counselor [2013] ★½

The-Counselor-poster-315x500Ridley Scott does a fine job with”Prometheus” and decides to follow it up with what? This horrible mess. Yikes! Michael Fassbender (“Shame”, “Hunger”) plays the title role, a successful lawyer who finds himself in hot water when he makes a deal with Javier Bardem (clueless) that involves drugs and plenty of money. Usually it isn’t a requirement that you like a movie’s central characters, but it helps develop rooting interest. That’s one reason “The Counselor” is so bad: it’s difficult to care about anything or anyone. Most of the characters are low-lifes, and spending more than two hours in their company is not my idea of a good time. If director Scott and his writer Cormac McCarthy had told the story more compactly, or not encouraged some of his actors (especially Cameron Diaz who gives a terrible performance) to play their roles so broadly, the results might be different. As it stands, I got bored about 30 minutes through, and as the story became more confusing and the acting more laughable, I grew actively annoyed. Scott usually hits the jackpot every time he directs a movie. He does hit the jackpot this time around, but only in terms of his paycheck. The audience, on the other hand, gets a tension-free, lousy ripoff that leaves them extremely pissed off. I know I was. “The Counselor” is easily one of the most disappointing movies of the year. And that’s coming from a huge Ridley Scott fan.

Rating: 1.5/4

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  1. i have never seen a movie with this many stars be this bad. the ending was the worst i have ever seen and that includes b list movies. how in the world did they ever convince . Brad Pitt and the rest of them to do this. i have watch alot of movie and been disappoiuntant before but not with that many stars in it. Cash rule everything around me dollar dollar bill yah. it had to be the CREAM because any other reason is beyond any movie goer. that why i dont pay 15 dollar for movies because of shit like that. Please if u have doudt call me. THAT WAS THE WORST ENDING OF ALL TIME

  2. i have never posted anything on a movie be before but i just could not go with out saying something who ever green lighted this one should not have that power. i went on goggle to find out how to get my disappointment out about thid movie.

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