The Paperboy [2012] ★½

the-paperboy-posterMatthew McConaughey rises once again above the material as Miami Times reporter Ward Jansen who returns home to investigate the case of Hillary Van Wetter (a creepy John Cusack ), a prisoner about to be executed for killing a cop. Charlotte Bless (Kidman), a weird blonde with a hots for men on death row thinks Hillary is innocent. Ward’s younger brother Jack (Zac Efron), who delivers the local paper falls for her and tries to help them solve the case. McConaughey stays solid as the movie goes off the rails. But I kept wishing his “Lincoln Lawyer” costar William H. Macy would show up and set this movie straight. I mean someone needs to call bullshit on Kidman and Efron, both struggling with a Southern accent. Don’t be fooled by the intriguing plot, this is pretty lame stuff. No wonder it got booed at Cannes last year.

Rating: 1.5/4

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