The Smurfs 2 [2013] ★½

the-smurfs-2-sequel-poster-404x600Pop quiz everyone: you’re a Hollywood studio and you help get a movie that’s barely watchable into theaters. The movie is surprisingly a hit at the box office and the kids love it. What do you do next? Do you A) Leave the franchise alone? or B) Give it a crappy sequel? If you chose A then you know nothing about Hollywood, because a sequel is always inevitable these days. I don’t see how anyone, even Smurfs fans, could really find anything worth even remotely liking in this movie, because within the flashing colors and mindless jokes, there’s just no plot here. Hank Azaria rises once again above the material as the evil Gargamel who plans to kidnap Smurfette and get papa smurf’s secret formula for creating smurfs through her. But the whole film looks like it was shot during lunch hour for various Sony Pictures Animation movies. I was saddest of all for Neil Patrick Harris, a good actor being severely mistreated by the movies- “Beastly”, “The Smurfs” and now this? Get a new agent dude. I hear the movie is doing well at the box office and the studio is already planning to release “The Smurfs 3” in 2015. Hard to believe that this is what qualifies as kids entertainment these days. Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave.

Rating: 1.5/4


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