Blackhat [2015]

“Blackhat” has the look of a hit. For starters, it’s a thriller directed by Michael Mann (“Heat”, “The Insider”), and audiences usually respond to his movies. They also love Chris Hemsworth, who went beyond his Thor character in 2013’s “Rush” to prove he’s got what it takes to be an A […]


Selma [2014]

“Selma” mesmerized me from start to finish. It is everything a film about a towering figure like Martin Luther King ought to be: majestic and emotional, respectful but not worshipful. It manages to humanize a historical figure without diminishing him in any way, thanks to director Ava DuVernay’s sure hand, a […]


The Boy Next Door [2015]

Ain’t it funny when someone like Jennifer Lopez tries to give her acting career another shot when we all agreed that it ended back in 2003? In “The Boy Next Door”, she hits rock bottom (take that, “Gigli”), playing  a 40-something high school teacher who has a one night […]


The Gambler [2014]

James Caan played the title role in the 1974 movie. While less than perfect, the film was highly entertaining. Now Mark Wahlberg steps into his shoes to bring back the role of a compulsive gambler back to life in this new version directed by Rupert Wyatt. I’m sad to […]


Still Alice [2014]

“Still Alice” deals with Alzheimer’s disease. I thought you should know that before you cringe and stop reading. But just in case you decide to stick around, I will tell you that while it’s not an easy movie to watch, it’s still a rich and rewarding experience. That […]


Mortdecai [2015]

It’s early in the year, but I defy any 2015 comedy to be as stupid, slack and boring as “Mortdecai”. Johnny Depp is embarrassingly bad as an art dealer who must traverse the globe with the support of his manservant Jock (Paul Bettany) to recover a stolen painting. […]


Birdman [2014]

How to describe Michael Keaton’s raw, elemental tour de force as Riggan Thomson in “Birdman”? Think of a stick of dynamite with the fuse lit and ready to blow. That’s how brilliant he is. Keaton gets everything right about this actor who’s not ready to call it quits. Once upon a time, he was the […]


Cake [2014]

You can watch Jennifer Aniston go crazy in the latest “Horrible Bosses” sequel, or you can decide to see her in something completely different for a change. I’m not saying you should, but she is definitely the best thing about “Cake”, playing a deeply depressed woman suffering from terrible […]


Whiplash [2014]

Movies about music are so easy to get wrong. Yet “Whiplash” gets it wittily, thrillingly right. It turns the familiar into something bracingly fresh and funny. It’s intense, clever and brilliantly acted by its two leads, Miles Teller and J.K Simmons who gives the performance of his career. Written and directed […]


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