The Finest Hours [2016]

 As far as sea disaster movies go, this one isn’t bad. But if there’s anything I learned from Hollywood it’s that a true story doesn’t always guarantee a great movie, and “The Finest Hours” is proof of that. But at least I can begin on a positive note: […]


Youth [2015]

 “Youth” is a beautiful, must see movie starring one of my all time favorite actors: Michael Caine. Caine is an actor of stature who is also a movie star with genuine glamour. In Paolo Sorentino’s masterful film, he plays a retired orchestra conductor who is spending his summer […]


Dirty Grandpa [2016]

 The worst movie of the year so far has a fine chance of retaining the title for the rest of the year. Robert De Niro’s career hits all time low (give him an award for worst performance already), playing a perverted grandpa (*cringes*) who goes on a road […]


Sisters [2015]

 Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are a funny duo. We know it. They know it. So watching them in a movie together for the first time since 2008’s “Baby Mama” sounds like an instant hit. Well…not entirely. But at least I can begin on a positive note: Fey and […]

concussion_1 sheet (1)

Concussion [2015]

“Concussion” is far from being a perfect movie, but it has an intriguing story to tell and just the right actor to bring it to life: Will Smith. Smith, like you’ve never seen him before, plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic neuropathologist who uncovers the shocking truth about brain […]

francois truffaut adv Antoine D

Truffaut: the adventures of Antoine Doinel

Way before “ Boyhood ”, François Roland Truffaut, French film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film critic, as well as one of the founders of the French New Wave, directed “ Les 400 coups ” (“ The 400 blows ”), a childhood movie featuring his own alter ego: Antoine Doinel. Years later, Doinel appears in […]


Ride Along 2 [2016]

Because the first one wasn’t bad enough, here comes part 2, a dreadful collection of ridiculously stupid gags that director Tim Story tries to polish, to no avail. Kevin Hart is now a rookie cop who is trying to prove himself (once again) to his soon-to-be brother in […]


Our Brand Is Crisis [2015]

 A flop in the United States back in October, the underrated “Our Brand Is Crisis” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for a political satire set in the 21st Century, I thought it was entertaining and fiercely honest. Sandra Bullock is well cast as an American […]

5th wave-teaser

The 5th Wave [2016]

 The first science-fiction flop of the year is a dull, uninspired mess that rips off pretty much every “deadly alien attack” movie ever made. Chloe Grace Moretz can’t save a cheesy script, playing a girl who is constantly on the run from an alien attack, as she desperately […]


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