Chappie [2015]

 From the poster and trailer you might think is another “Transformers” movie (God forbid), when in fact, “Chappie” is a Sci-Fi movie from Neill Blomkamp, the man who gave us the superior “District 9″ and “Elysium”. Despite a lack of stars or a recognizable filmmaker, “District 9″ put many big budget Hollywood […]


Focus [2015]

Everyone is different. I don’t like con artists, “magic tricks” or most of Will Smith movies (except maybe “The Pursuit of Happyness”). His exhausting new film suffers from a severe case of misdirection. That word describes the very nature of “Focus”, which purports to tell a clever story when all […]


Everly [2015]

Reserve a special place in hell for movies that waste your time and patience. To a list that includes “Taken 3“, “Mortdecai” and “Jupiter Ascending“, add “Everly”. Joe Lynch is credited as a director and Yale Hannon with the script. But the movie seems untouched by human hands […]


Big Eyes [2014]

 After “Dark Shadows” and the animated feature “Frankenweenie“, director Tim Burton tackles something completely different for a change. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, he scores yet another bullseye by telling the real-life story of Margaret Keane, the woman whose paintings of sad, big-eyed children baffled America in the […]


The Wedding Ringer [2015]

If you follow this blog regularly, you probably know that I’m not a big Kevin Hart fan. Which is why I approached “The Wedding Ringer” with very low expectations. But unlike some of his other recent comedy vehicles (“Ride Along“, “Think Like A Man Too“), this one actually offers laughs, plus […]


Fifty Shades Of Grey [2015]

It was fun, admit it, to watch Sharon Stone in 1992’s “Basic Instinct”, getting Michael Douglas and the audience cross-eyed just by uncrossing her legs on a day she forgot to wear underwear. This one scene is sexier than anything you’ll see in “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the […]


Wild Card [2015]

Look at the poster. Read: from the director of “The Expendables 2″. This ought to tell you how horrible “Wild Card” is, the latest action fiasco starring non other than Jason Statham. He plays a lethal Las Vegas Bodyguard with a gambling problem. That’s it for subtext in this […]


Jupiter Ascending [2015]

Don’t let Oscar season convince you that this isn’t a disappointing start of the year for movies. Have you seen “Mortdecai” and “Taken 3″? And wait till you get a load of “Jupiter Ascending”, the new mess by The Wachowski siblings. Smirky acting, clumsy writing and clueless direction. […]


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