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Joy [2015] ★★½

 Critics and audiences were raving about director David O. Russell’s previous movies when they opened a few years ago. But it seems that things aren’t exactly going his way this time around. That’s not to say that “Joy” is a bad movie. Far from it. For one, O. […]

Room [2015] ★★½

 Critics have been praising “Room”- the incredible story of a mother (Brie Larson) and her five year old son (Jacob Tremblay) who have been held captive in a tiny room by a kidnapper- for months now. Once again, I respectfully disagree. While the acting couldn’t be more credible […]

Macbeth [2015] ★★½

Just like many movies based on William Shakespeare’s famous plays, Justin Kurzel’s “Macbeth” is very easy to admire but a bit more difficult to love. A lot of critics who saw it on opening day sang its praises to the skies, but I respectfully disagree. The movie has too many […]

Man Up [2015] ★★½

As someone who didn’t expect much from this comedy starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, I actually had a good time watching it. Bell plays an English woman who will very much remind you of Bridget Jones: 34, single, kinda depressed. On her way to her parents’ 40th […]

The Program [2015] ★★½

 The truth was finally revealed in the 2013 documentary “The Armstrong Lie”, in which Lance Armstrong himself opened up about his doping allegations. The documentary was credible and above all, shocking. And by the end, we learned everything there is to know about the fallen idol. That places even greater […]

The Visit [2015] ★★½

After years of making terrible misfires (“Lady in the Water”, “The Happening”, “After Earth” and oh God “The Last Airbender”), it’s so good to finally see the real M. Night Shyamalan back. Well…kind of. His latest effort, “The Visit”, is far from being an original, but it knows […]

Ricki And The Flash [2015] ★★½

Here’s the thing about Meryl Streep: I can watch her in almost anything. And now at 66, she’s still constantly looking for new, challenging roles. “Ricki and the Flash” won’t win her a 4th Oscar, but she’s completely convincing and mesmerizing as an 80’s-style rock-and-roller who performs cover versions of […]