Movies to watch this Valentine’s day (or any other day)

untitled-1I’m not here to tell you to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie or (God forbid) “50 Shades of Grey”. This is a list of good movies that you can enjoy alone or with your partner over beer (yes, beer) and pizza (why the hell not?).untitled-12As far away as possible from the Hollywood formula, the “Before” trilogy, -Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004) & Before Midnight (2013) – starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, is a unique love story that spans 20 years. Two people meet on a train to Vienna in the mid 90’s and they spend the entire night talking about art, poetry, sex, family, life, love, death, and dreams. Talky? Yes. But also exceptionally good. Richard Linklater wrote the sharply observant script with his actors and the result is nothing short of a masterpiece.untitled-13If there ever was a movie that defines modern day relationships, “The Lobster” (2015) would be it. The plot is admittedly mind bending, but that’s what makes it so unique. We’re in a Dystopian future, where people must pick their partners within 45 days or they’re turned into an animal of their choice. Colin Farell, who plays the main character, chooses to become a lobster if he fails to find a soulmate. Beneath all this absurdity is a message that couldn’t be more relevant in our modern society. I’ll say no more, except to say that you’re in for quite a ride.untitled-14A film (2004) that gained a “cult” following over the years, and for good reasons. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play a couple who, after their relationship went down the drain, undergo a procedure to erase each other from their memories. But it’s halfway through the process that they realize what they had in the first place. A heartwarming piece of work, extremely well-acted and beautifully shot (the dream sequences are unforgettable). Jim Carrey has never been more tender and believable onscreen (this might well be the best performance of his career).untitled-15Ryan Gosling is currently entertaining audiences in “La La Land”, but back in 2007, he played a delusional young man in “Lars and the real girl” who engages in an unusual relationship with a doll he found on the internet. This is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and this why it’s on the list.untitled-16It’s only fair to end the list with a Woody Allen movie. “Midnight In Paris”(2012) is both entertaining and original- it’s a wonderful achievement that recalls some of Allen’s best and most enduring comedies. Owen Wilson stars as Gil, a Hollywood screenwriter who is in love with Paris, and dreams of writing a great novel like Hemingway and Fitzgerald. The fun begins when one night, and while strolling alone in the city, Gil sees a mysterious antique vehicle roll up and its occupants urge him to jump in. He travels back in time with them to a party where he encounters F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Cole Porter. Once you accept the unusual premise, you’re in for a special treat. Allen may have tackled similar themes before, but he draws us into the character’s lives with a passion that makes it a standout among his movies. You can’t go wrong with “Midnight in Paris”. It’s one of Woody’s best work.

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