Secret In Their Eyes [2015] ★★★

Secret-In-Their-Eyes-Poster-2“Secret in their Eyes” is powerful and extremely well acted, even if you’ve seen the 2009 Argentinian movie of the same name. Here’s the deal: Chiwetel Ejiofor gives a powerhouse performance as Ray, an investigator who is tormented by the unsolved rape and murder of his partner’s daughter. He is matched by Julia Roberts, who is exceptional, haunted and haunting, as a woman still searching for answers 13 years after her daughter’s death. Back in 2002, they lacked the evidence to arrest a boy named Marzin, even though Ray was convinced he was the killer. Give up or keep looking? That’s the question that eats at you as “Secret in their Eyes” holds you in its grip until the final, devastating moments. Director Billy Ray (who directed two underrated films: “Breach” and “Shattered Glass”) keeps the suspense on high sizzle. His work with the exemplary actors results in a film of startling impact, packed with twists you don’t see coming. You can’t shake it.

Rating: 3/4

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