The Walk [2015] ★★★

The-Walk-poster“The Walk” is a spectacularly entertaining movie, even if you’ve seen the Oscar winning documentary “Man On Wire”, which in turn was based on Philippe Petit’s book “To Reach The Clouds”. If you did catch that terrific documentary a few years ago, you should be familiar with Petit’s story by now, the man who walked between the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center in 1974. What director Robert Zemeckis and his talented crew add to this unusual story is eye-popping visual effects that will knock you off your seat! It’s also up to an expert cast, many in weird accents, to provide the emotional lifelines for audiences. Joseph Gordon-Levitt excels as the french artist Philippe Petit, as does Charlotte Le Bon as his accomplice, both leading a group of people to help Petit realize his lifelong “dream”. Zemeckis also gives us a chance to get to know Petit and his commitment to this dangerous, illegal and courageous act through flashbacks that take us back to his earlier days as a street juggler in Paris. Still, the real stars of the movie are the twin towers. The CGI recreation doesn’t entirely do them justice. No matter. You watch “The Walk” in awe and you believe.

Rating: 3/4

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