Waves ’98 [2015]

11411713_1146178585408297_2418073950127424924_oEly Dagher’s Waves ’98 deservedly won the top prize at the Cannes film Festival, the Palm D’Or in the short film category. The script has few spoken words, relying on visual impressions that connect a young man called Omar to a world he never knew existed. Dagher links the intimate story to the surreal one by creating miracles of light and shadow. Sure, he’s overreaching. Most great filmmakers do. No wonder his movie beat hundreds of other films to claim the big prize. Shot with a poet’s eye, Dagher’s film is a groundbreaker for Lebanese filmmakers, a personal vision that dares to reach for the stars. Congrats on your achievement Ely and best of luck in your future endeavors (a feature film maybe?).

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