Woman In Gold [2015] ★★★

 Woman-in-Gold_Poster-691x1024When a film covers subject material that is highly emotional there is always the chance that the director and actors will overplay it and eventually ruin it. Luckily for us, “Woman in Gold” dodges all of that with a moving story that serves as a perfect vehicle for the incomparable Helen Mirren as well as Ryan Reynolds. Based on real events, the movie tells the story of Maria Altmann (Mirren), the Austrian refugee who sued her homeland for the return of Gustav Klimt paintings the Nazis took from her family during World War II. One of the paintings, entitled “Woman in gold” isn’t just a celebrated portrait of an Austrian woman: she was also Altmann’s beloved aunt. If you haven’t read anything about this real-life incident, the film will hold a fair number of surprises. They will likely inspire frustration and (probably) tears, all of them well justified. But it’s the reactions on Mirren’s expressive face that really hit home, as she makes one discovery after another in her search for justice. Although Reynolds is surprisingly good as Altmann’s lawyer,  it’s Mirren who makes “Woman in Gold” well worth the price of admission. I highly recommend it.

Rating: 3/4

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