Insidious: Chapter 3 [2015] ★½

PrintI’m calling bullshit on “Insidious 3”. Ten minutes into this cash in “prequel” (because let’s face it: it has no reason to exist), I knew it would suck. But I had no idea it would suck this bad. Director Leigh Whannell, in for the gifted James Wan (if you haven’t seen “The Conjuring” yet get on it), takes everything that was fresh and original in the first 2 movies and buries it in the ground. The sorry excuse of a plot involves a young girl (Stefanie Scott) who tries to contact her dead mother with the help of  a clairvoyant (Lin Shaye). Things go wrong, as they should, and soon enough the girl finds herself targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity. Sounds scary enough? It isn’t. Between a diabolically creepy start and an unintentionally funny ending, “Insidious 3” offers nothing more than a series of boo moments that grow tiresome with repetition. How can a movie scare you when you’ve seen it all before?

Rating: 1.5/4

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