Entourage [2015] ★★½

entourage-movie-posterLet’s face it: Big screen adaptations of popular TV series rarely work. Remember “The X Files”? Or maybe “Sex and the City?”. Well, here’s the good news: “Entourage” does work. Not all the time, but for someone who wasn’t expecting much, I actually had a good time watching it. I knew I would derive some pleasure from watching Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Ferrara and the rest of the gang, but I was fearful of a stupid version of the hit series that spawned a cult. Indeed, the movie has its silly moments, and a predictable number of “old” jokes, but it’s also fun to watch…more fun than I expected it to be. In terms of plot, I’ll just say that Vince (Ferrara) wants to direct and star in his own movie, with the help of long time pal Ari Gold (Piven, as good as always). You can connect the dots of the movie just from seeing the trailer. This is formulaic storytelling, to be sure, but the actors seem to be having a good time, the settings are flashy, and most important, the jokes are pretty good. “Entourage” doesn’t break any new ground, but it delivers on its promise and allows us to spend time with these guys once again. Fans of the series (you know who you are) will definitely enjoy it.

Rating: 2.5/4

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