Locke [2014] ★★★

locke-poster1That’s Tom Hardy behind the wheel. He’s Ivan Locke, a Brit, driving from Birmingham to London in real time. He’s a husband and father driving away from his biggest job ever as a construction manager because his one night stand is having his baby tonight in a London hospital. He’s also about to call his wife and tell her everything. Can it get worse? You’re gonna have to see for yourself. The story will hold you spellbound for 85 minutes, mostly because Tom Hardy, one of the best actors around, is absolutely terrific. None of this would work if the actor playing Ivan Locke didn’t command the screen, but Tom Hardy does just that. It is a fearless and emotionally engaging performance. The plot may sound unusual for the mass moviegoing public, but if you’re a patient viewer, this is a rich and rewarding experience.

Rating: 3/4

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