Texas Chainsaw 3D [2013]

texas_chainsaw_massacre_3d_ver3The worst movie of this very new year has a good chance to retain the title for all of 2013. This putridly written, directed and acted movie claims to be the “real” sequel to the 1974 original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. So fucking what? The horror begins with the slaughter of the infamously cannibalistic Sawyer clan, but of course there are a pair of survivors. One is Leatherface, and the other is a newborn who will grow up to inherit a Texas mansion that has a maniacal murderer locked in the basement. Also she’s Leatherface’s cousin. You can see every turn in the plot coming for miles. Why couldn’t the movie deliver better on its promise? The simple answer is:  it doesn’t have to. Audiences are so primed for horror they fall for the flashy marketing. After seeing this crap movie, we’re all ready to scream our rage at the screen. Has mass murder ever been this dull?


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