The Devil All The Time [2020] ★★★

This gritty film from writer director Antonio Campos is one of the finest things you’ll stream on Netflix this year. One story links to another as we follow the journey of a young man (Tom Holland) and the bizarre characters that inhabit a small town in West Virginia. The movie is about many things, but mainly it’s about family and fate. It’s a long journey that threatens to go off the rails at times, and does. But Campos and his excellent cast (which includes Robert Patinson, Bill Skarsgard, Sebastian Stan, Jason Clarke, and Riley Keough), take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Holland’s ferocity and feeling pulls you in, and the movie keeps coming at you with twists and turns you don’t always see coming. Campos does bite off more than a film like “The Devil All The Time” can chew, mostly because it takes place over a period of 20 years. But the end result sticks with you. It’s a rich and rewarding experience.

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