The Farewell [2019] ★★★

I ended the year with a movie and I’m starting my 10th year on this blog with a review about it. “The Farewell”, written and directed by Lulu Wang and starring Awkwafina in a superior performance, is a film that you need to experience. In telling the story of how a Chinese woman living in New York has to deal with her grandmother’s terminal illness, Wang has injected her script with humor and heartbreak that I found damn near irresistible. Following the devastating news, the whole family decides to travel back to China to attend a wedding. They also agree to keep the grandmother in the dark about her illness (a Chinese tradition apparently), which makes this trip a rollercoaster of emotions. Wang explores this side of her culture, leaving us with much food for thought and the lingering question, “What would I do in a situation like this?” Her film is also very funny at times and impeccably acted by each and every actor. And even though the story takes place in China, we can still relate to their feelings, and their actions, at every turn of this heartwarming film. If this is your cup of tea, then “The Farewell” is definitely for you. I personally can’t recommend it enough.

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