The Wife [2018] ★★★

As if we needed more proof of her talent, Glenn Close delivers a masterful performance as the wife of a renowned author (Jonathan Pryce), who is about to receive the Nobel prize for Literature. Over the course of a couple of days in Stockholm, old wounds are reopened and secrets are revealed, as we begin to suspect that she may be the one behind the success of his books. It’s the perfect role for Glenn Close to sink her teeth in, and she makes the most of it. Swedish director Björn Runje takes a straightforward approach to this completely immersive story and allows us to be spectators, taking in the dirty laundry one piece at a time. And for a film that relies heavily on dialogue, it flows extremely well. It helps that Close and Pryce have terrific chemistry. It also helps that the story keeps throwing curves at us. As someone who loves an old-fashioned adult drama every now and then, I immediately warmed up to “The Wife” and would gladly watch it again, just to savor Glenn Close’s wonderful performance. I urge you to seek it out before it gets lost in the shuffle.

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