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  1. HM: The Jungle Book, Popstar, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Green Room, Hunt For The Wilderpeople, Captain Fantastic

    My Top 15:

    15. Lion
    14. Moana
    13. Doctor Strange
    12. Swiss Army Man
    11. Hell or High Water
    10. Patriot’s Day
    9. Arrival
    8. Deadpool
    7. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    6. Captain America: Civil War
    5. The Nice Guys
    4. Sing Street
    3. Kubo and the two strings
    2. Moonlight
    1. The Edge of Seventeen

    I’m sorry, but I liked La La Land, didn’t love it. Visually breathtaking for reviving a genre that was once dead, and the musical sequences were really good ( I own the soundtrack) but the story was too surface level for me (the conflict wasn’t well done in my opinion) and falls apart for me for the end. I do understand the love it gets however.

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