The Choice [2016] ★½

THE_CHOICE_1sht_fThis terrible tearjerker from the king of cheese himself Nicholas Sparks could well be his worst ever. You know who Sparks is, the guy who writes bestselling romance that become awful movies, such as “Dear John”, “The Last Song” and “Safe Haven”. The newest Sparks is “The Choice”, about two neighbors who meet and fall in love. To say that someone has an accident would be a spoiler only for people for have never seen a Nic Sparks movie. But what I hated the most is seeing a great actor like Tom Wilkinson in a movie like “The Choice. Wilkinson was in “Eternal Sunshine”, “Batman Begins”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and other movies that suggest he was forced to participate in “The Choice”. Perhaps the answer is as simple as a paycheck. In any case, if you find yourself stuck in a winter shower and the only movie playing at the theater is “The Choice”, my advice is: stay outside and get wet.

Rating: 1.5/4

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