Dirty Grandpa [2016] ★

 Dirty-Grandpa-Poster-Robert-De-Niro-Zac-EfronThe worst movie of the year so far has a fine chance of retaining the title for the rest of the year. Robert De Niro’s career hits all time low (give him an award for worst performance already), playing a perverted grandpa (*cringes*) who goes on a road trip with his grandson (the always horrible Zac Efron) seeking one last sexual encounter with a college girl. That’s right folks, this is what director Dan Mazer and his screenwriter cooked up for us. The result is an insult to the audience and a bigger insult to Robert De Niro’s once fruitful career. If you thought “Daddy’s Home” was unfunny, wait till you get a load of “Dirty Grandpa”. It’s shallow, offensive and just downright repulsive. It’s easily De Niro’s worst ever movie. Now how the hell do I unsee this?


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