Sisters [2015] ★★½

 sisters_xlgTina Fey and Amy Poehler are a funny duo. We know it. They know it. So watching them in a movie together for the first time since 2008’s “Baby Mama” sounds like an instant hit. Well…not entirely. But at least I can begin on a positive note: Fey and Poehler are both well cast as 30- something sisters (obviously) who decide to throw a project X kind of party at their parents’ house before they sell it. So as you can tell, “Sisters” is rude and crude and both actresses are fearless comedians who can handle any kind of situation, even with material that isn’t always worthy of them. The movie has some very funny moments, but it’s also overlong and quite repetitive at times. Fey and Poehler are skillful enough to pull this off… to some degree, but if we’re being completely honest, they both deserve a better vehicle than this.

Rating: 2.5/4

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