Double Indemnity [1944] ★★★★

 Double-Indemnity-PosterThe quintessential film noir. No other film of the genre can match the brilliance of Billy Wilder’s haunting tale of greed, murder and betrayal. Driven by its masterful techniques and perfect narrative, “Double Indemnity” tells the story of an insurance salesman (Fred MacMurray) who falls for a beautiful but deadly oil tycoon’s wife (Barbara Stanwyck) and together they plot to kill off her husband for the insurance money. Sounds like an ordinary story. But there’s nothing quite ordinary about Wilder’s breathtakingly tense and suspenseful movie. If you’re just discovering film noir, “Double Indemnity” more than fits the bill. It’s easily one of the best movies of the 40’s and one of my all time favorites as well.

Rating: 4/4

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