Danny Collins [2015] ★★★

193835If you like, you can think of “Danny Collins” as the anti-blockbuster. It’s the opposite of an Event Movie for the summer season; instead, it’s an old-fashioned star vehicle, fashioned for the particular screen persona of Al Pacino, who can usually play these roles in his sleep, but adds something special every single time. As such, the movie is easy to take and lightly enjoyable. Al convincingly plays Danny, an aging rock icon who discovers an undelivered 1971 letter from John Lennon, in which the former Beatle invited him to discuss career choices. Danny pauses to reflect on his life and career then decides to take off to New Jersey to look up the son he’s never known. Don’t let the simple story get you down. “Danny Collins” is highly entertaining, comic, touching and often bitingly true. Best of all, it has a relaxed feeling, and is populated by good actors, including Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale and Christopher Plummer. It’s the pleasure of their company that makes this a movie to remember.  Do not miss it.

Rating: 3/4

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