Everly [2015] ★

EVERLY-Final-international-Poster11Reserve a special place in hell for movies that waste your time and patience. To a list that includes “Taken 3“, “Mortdecai” and “Jupiter Ascending“, add “Everly”. Joe Lynch is credited as a director and Yale Hannon with the script. But the movie seems untouched by human hands or originality. Salma Hayek plays a woman who has to face down assassins sent by her ex (also a criminal) while being stuck in her apartment for 90 minutes. That’s it – a formula action movie that hits its formula marks as if no one expected more. I’m not saying I was expecting more, but it could have been crazy-good trash (a la “Machete”). Instead, everyone is breathtakingly bad (even Hayek), and they all spend their time reciting dialogue that begs for a “mute” button. When a movie spits in our collective eye, don’t blame us for spitting back.


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  1. I think you should look at movies from a technical point of view as well if you want to succeed as a movie critic. Everly had some brilliant shots despite its terrible script.

  2. there hasn’t been a trailer that snuck under my nose in a long time, but i have to say i have never heard of this movie till now, and the way u describe it, it sounds like a video game where u have to defend against waves of enemies while u stuck in the same place ( which is usually terrible, most mobile or facebook games for reference ) and now i feel bad for u, u had to watch that

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