Big Hero 6 [2014] ★★★

Disney_BigHero6_Poster_BaymaxTalk all you want about technique, but a good animated film depends on story and character, and it’s those vital ingredients that make “Big Hero 6” so fresh and entertaining. It’s also a pleasure to see a movie meant for kids that’s clever but not too reliant on visuals. The hero here is a boy called “Hiro”, a super genius who’s into robots and technology. When his brother Tadashi takes him to a college for robotics experts, Hiro suddenly becomes inspired to create something revolutionary. This is only the beginning of a delightful adventure that will satisfy kids and adults alike. Its leading characters are brought to life by Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Maya Rudolph and the great James Cromwell and they all register indelibly. As with a good live-action movie, it all begins with the script, and this one is solid, well thought-out, fast paced, funny and even sad at times. In the end, it’s the finished film that matters, and the team behind “Big Hero 6” can be proud. They made a delightful movie every member of the family can enjoy. It deserves to be a hit, and I hope it is.

Rating: 3/4

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