The Other Woman [2014]

unnamedYou’ve seen it all before. Eight years ago actually, in “John Tucker Must Die”, in which a high school newbie  helped three popular girls exact revenge on the man who lied and cheated on them. In “The Other Woman”, directed by Nick Cassavetes, it’s more of the stupid same. I’ve always liked Cameron Diaz, who brings a spark to every part she plays, but she’s only as good as her material, and “The Other Woman” is bad news for her and her fans. When she discovers that her boyfriend (Nicolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jaime Lannister from  “Game of Thrones”) is actually a married man, she teams up with his wife (an awful Leslie Mann) and his other mistress (Kate Upton, clueless) to plot mutual revenge on the lying bastard. That’s the joke. There’s no sight gag, or surprising reveal. It’s about as obvious and lazy as you can get, and the same can be said for the rest of the picture. From the first scene to the last, we’re supposed to find it uproariously funny that a married man can’t keep it in his pants. Not a chance. I realize that wit is no longer valued in silly Hollywood comedies, but this film is witless, in every sense of that word. Despite a pair of good actresses in the lead (not you, Upton), “The Other Woman” can only be described as “embarrassingly bad”.


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